Saturday, December 1, 2012

I Thought it Was Supposed to Be Cold

I love the changing of the seasons, even the change to summer.....until it gets too hot and I feel like I'm going to melt. The autumn and winter seasons, though, are the times that I seem to thrive. I love to bundle up and the snow always lifts my moods. This autumn, though, has been a warm one. Seriously. It's 44f outside right now and I am walking around in slippers and a tanktop under a spring jacket. Not to mention that tomorrow is supposed to top out in the 50s and I believe Monday is going to be a warm 60 degrees.   :I  Suppose I shouldn't be too grumpy. It's not yet winter and the averages around here are only in their 20s for late December and January. This little miss, though, wants some good snow this year.

The tree is already up in the house, with presents for nieces and what not beneath it. Sadly there are only lights hanging up right now. Grendal will be petitioned to get the box of ornaments down so they can be hung up. I might try and snag some of my favorites from my parents' place to hang up, but who knows how that will go. Either way I think I'm going to break down and make my own ornaments this year. Salt dough or clay. I found some recipes for such and I know of places I can buy some inexpensive cookie cutters. I'll see if I can make some runes or possibly find something to represent the Norse deities. Have it up in a fashion so it's not totally in your face to those who might be uncomfortable with it. Grendal's immediate family shouldn't have a problem, but his older brother has a lady friend who is joining us this year for the holidays. I'm not sure of her religious affiliation and how she views others. Last thing I want is her to treat me like I have the plague and see that her young daughter stays away from me. :\

I finally managed to hang up my makeshift Odin figure over my altar. I had been meaning to do something in regards to the Allfather. I have two raven figures that I bought from work during Halloween last year and have them set up nicely. Once the Christmas decorations went up this year I started to snoop around their Santa figures for something that felt right. They didn't have any of the tall Santa type figures. You know what kind I'm talking about! More Father Christmas than jolly Santa. As odd as it sounds when I refer to this Santa as tall Santa I think of the difference between the 'chubby' Buddha and the 'thin' Buddha.  Bless my mother and the things she told me as a child.

Anywho, I found that the store had ornaments of Santa which were pretty much his head only with various colors to pick. Each color had different little bits on the hat Santa wore. I settled on one that wore a white hat with gold embroidery because it caught my eye and seemed just right. After getting it home I snagged some white paint and painted over one of the eyes and it was finished! He now hangs on the wall, situated between the ravens when you look at my altar head on. :)

Hopefully this coming Monday I will have those ornaments made and ready to go, possibly with pictures. :P  Who knows.