Monday, November 19, 2012

And on a serious note....

I can't begin to explain why I do this. Create blogs and post things that are me but not the complete package. More like lite me with some additives to make Me more interesting and hide the weirdness. This time around I'm saying screw that. No more multiple blogs, no more posts that seem to be off, and no more prancing around being something that I am not.

This blog is my attempt to capture what is happening in my life: Hopes, dreams, joyous activities, failures, anger, and outbursts. Those who happen to follow along will get to see me go from 'single' to married within the next 7 months. They will follow me on my spiritual journey with the path that seems to be my 'coming home'(Asatru). Above all else they will see what it's like for me to find my place in this world.

I start things that never seem to come to end. I've had many blogs and never keep them up. I have two others on this account, split personalities in a sense. They will remain here but I highly doubt I'll ever touch them with this blog, hopefully, taking wing.

From this moment I plan on updating this blog at least once a week. I warn you that I just follow my train of thought as I type, so things may seem to go through some odd bits but it does make sense in the long run.

The cold months will be my active times. Not because I am unable to go out due to snow but for the fact that seems to invigorate me.

Please, stay awhile and watch as I finally find my place in life.

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