Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Always Wanted to be a Teacher!

Though, not in this way. I always pictured myself in a nice classroom and rambling on about history.

A friend of mine approached me on Facebook this past week and wanted some information on Wicca and NeoPaganism in general. Turns out she's making the change from some form of Christian to the Pagan world. Looking back at my own adventures into the Pagan life I think I seriously needed a guiding hand from someone with some sort of experience, rather than the ragtag team of tweens that I was part of. So I had to pull out my old books and flip through 'em.  Man, have I grown.

I told my friend that I wasn't Wiccan anymore but a follower of Asatru. While she didn't fully understand what I was meaning, she went with it. She's eager to learn and floundering in a way. I'm trying my best to lay things out and point her in the right directions while not imposing my personal beliefs. I think the last thing she needs is for me to place her in a spot without going through any trial and error moments herself. Besides, what went 'wrong' for me might be what she is looking for.

I honestly don't remember getting into this religious/spiritual area being so difficult, then again that was well over 12 years ago. She has a lot of questions and wonders on what to do and when and how to do it. She's looking at sites and getting answers from me when I can provide them. My head is spinning and I'm running through my books like a mad woman. I think this would be easier if she was right next to me and I can be like "Here, read this bit. Lets talk about it."

Ye Gods, this will be interesting.

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