Monday, June 17, 2013

Looming Like a Cloud

Well, come this Friday I shall no longer be a single woman. Technically I haven't been single for going on 9 years but legality states otherwise.

Friday is the big day in a way. Grendal and I are signing the papers the day and June 21st will be celebrated as the day we married. The party/ceremony/shindig is happening the 22nd due to the 21st being a Friday and that would have been harder for people to show up.  There are only a few people that know that the ceremony is more a show than anything else. While some of those people might be hurt I think it's better this way, as strange as it sounds.

I've been paranoid and stressed over the whole thing. I think it just happens that way, though I am prone to paranoia. We haven' gotten back even HALF the rsvps that were sent out. Grendal says his family will be there and I know that I have coworkers joining in on the party. I guess part of me is worried that I'm going to be on the ground, somewhere hidden, sobbing because there's nobody at the wedding save for a handful of people. It's half 'do people not like us' and half 'we spent over 1k on food, what the hell?'   Again, Grendal tells me not to worry and I'm trying not to.

This whole week seems to full of big things and moving forward. Grendal is finally getting his GED. He hates to admit he doesn't have because of what people would think. He is an intelligent man; home schooled and self taught in many things. I can understand the worry.  Once the GED is in the bag he'll be applying for the trains and it looks promising. My brother-in-law works at said company and apparently they are in desperate need of help. We both feel like this could be the first step to saving up and wriggling our way out and on our own.

As for the other big thing, it's in the realm of my spiritual path. I've had this large urge to redo my Book of Shadows/Grimoire/Spell-book/what have you. My choice in life has been pretty much cemented in that of the 'northern path.'  Last night I took the beginnings of my makeshift book and pulled out what was no longer needed and what I no longer really clung to. I feel good about it and I've begun to think of what to add. While it's nothing fancy, just a 3-ring binder and lined paper, it's a start. The more sure of myself and the more spending cash I have, the more pricey my item will be. For now it's simple, like me, and it's more than I could have asked for.

So yes, lack of updates was due to stress, life, and wedding hub-bub. I should have pictures and may find some I feel like I am willing to share. :)


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