Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tarot Card of the Day!

Thought I should do this to get to know my deck a bit better and to generally flex my muscles, so to say.  These are MY interpretations from this deck.  I've tossed aside the little manual that comes with it and never looked back.  I'm just seeing and reading what the cards are presenting.

My deck: Viking Tarot

Today's card:  Queen of Chalices  (may post picture in a later edit)

Meaning: Waiting for someone, feeling alone. A return. Something on the horizon.

Thoughts:  I think this may be in reference to myself and my waiting for something from the gods. It seems like at certain times I am out of flux and I make a mad scramble for a connection.  Last night there was a major storm and I took it as a sign that there is change in the air. Either way, I'm being told to be patient.

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