Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Oh History Channel

I used to love watching certain channels when I had access to cable. The History Channel, TLC (to a certain degree), NatGeo, Cartoon Network, SciFi Channel, and so on.  Now that we don't bother with television Grendal and I kinda miss out on things.  We get our news from different sources online and from friends/family.  Movies coming?  Random searches online to see if anything sounds good, which seems to be rare.  Honestly, Grendal and I enjoy not having access to cable.  We get movies, documentaries, and random bits of TV series thanks to Netflix.  All is good.  That is until I find a series that I MUST watch.

History Channel's series Vikings has just taken off.  Since Grendal and I are very much a fan of vikings in general, I thought it would be interesting to give it a go.  Grendal usually isn't much for TV series.  I mean, we've watched all of Star Trek TNG, Star Trek Voyager, most of Eureka, Psych, a decent portion of House, Big Bang Theory, and Stargate SG1, so we have a nice bit beneath our belts.  Vikings is a nice change of base with it being based loosely on facts.  I know, I know, there are already gripes about accuracy and what not, and while pointing out 'It's just a TV show' it is on the History Channel......though said channel has fallen from their original platform of, y'know, HISTORY.

Anyway, Vikings.  I like it, though I've only seen the first episode.  The second one is waiting for us to watch and if Grendal decides it's not for him I can continue watching online!  The characters are interesting and there have been moments that both of us sit there giggling.  I love the inclusion of the mythology and deities.  Grendal is already putting his money on my favorite character being Floki and is a little worried about the 'rapey feelings' he's getting from the show.  If it happens, I know he's going to step away from the series.  I can understand.  I'm hoping I can keep him watching, at least until Valdimir Kulich shows up.  Honestly, it's thanks to following his facebook page that I learned about the series.  I mean, Kulich is the viking in my head, just like Sam Elliott is the cowboy.  My head is a weird place.

But yes. Vikings!  I enjoy it despite any inaccuracies.  Plus, ODIN!

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