Wednesday, March 20, 2013

That's One Way to Do It

Well, today is the changing of the seasons.  After this season, Grendal and I will be married!

Speaking of seasons, it doesn't really LOOK like spring.  There is snow on the ground still, it's barely in the teens outside, and there isn't a bud in sight.  While most people would say the above are marks AGAINST the coming of spring, I think they haven't noticed the little signs that's its creeping in.  The Canadian Geese are returning home.  I hear them and watch them whenever I'm out with Yuko.  I've also spotted a Robin bopping in the yard, as well as some European Starling that seemed to come out of nowhere.  The little birds that we've been feeding all winter are starting to shed their weight and their colors are getting brighter.  I do suppose that most of my friends are 'city' dwellers and/or don't really pay attention to it.  It's a little hard for me not to since we have a HUGE window in the dinning room facing the feeders.  :p

As a way to celebrate the changing of the seasons, as well as our impending marriage, Grendal and I began the mead for our wedding!  While it may not be aged properly, we will have our homemade brew for the of age attendees.  I thought today was fitting due to the holiday as well as it being Wednesday.  With Odin presiding over today and the area of mead, what better time to do this?  I plan on leaving a hearty cup of mead for Odin and the other deities, as well as the wights, during the ceremony.  They will also have a nice plate of food and, if all goes well, some cake too!  Grendal is more than happy and willing to have this done which makes me ecstatic.

Grendal letting Yuko examine what's going on.
My new tarot set came well as a rune set.  I decided to treat myself to a deck and thought that I may as well toss in a rune set, since I was going to get one eventually.  I haven't messed with either just and I must say I'm nervous.  It's been YEARS (about 13) since I received a brand new deck to call mine, and I don't know how to go about it.  While I know I should just dive in (same goes for the runes), I want to make sure everything is just right.  My first deck last me many years before they decided they wished to retire.  I want this deck to be very much the same.

As for the runes, well, I don't know what to do.  I guess I'm gonna wing it, do some searches, and hope that all goes well.

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