Friday, March 1, 2013

30 Days of Devotion: 23, 24, & 25

Yes, I missed one more day then usual.  -_-;   Worked until early evening yesterday and when I came home my two youngest nieces were here. All I wanted to do was hide.  Anyway, on with it!

Your own composition – a piece of writing about or for this deity

 Um, very iffy about sharing my work but I'll do it. This is very much a work in progress but this novel, when it gets finished, will be dedicated to Odin and even features him and the rest of Norse pantheon.

Harald looked down at the homeless man.  He recognized him, remembered the tattered clothes and the distant look in his visible eye.  The man didn't seem to notice any of them standing beside him, more intent at looking at the ruins of the temple district.

"This is him."

Erik cocked an eyebrow and looked between the homeless man and Harald.  "Him?  Are you certain?"

"Why would the Allfather choose to be homeless?" Vanessa snorted.

"He is a wanderer.  He must have been traveling when the others began to sleep and when his own identity and powers slumbered."  Harald sat beside the man and followed his gaze, "Isn't that right, Vofuth?"

The man looked at Harald out of the corner of his eye, for once seeming to focus on him, but said nothing.

Harald smiled; that was all he needed.  "Give me the drinking horn."

Vanessa hesitated, finally relinquishing the horn when Harald held out his hand.

"This is for you," Harald whispered, holding the horn before the man.  "Drink deep."

Those gnarled hands shook as they took hold of the horn......

That's all I got for that bit.

A time when this deity has helped you.

I get a lot of help when I'm trying to center myself and calm down, as weird as that sounds. Whenever I'm feeling down I either hear or see a few crows, which lifts my spirits right rather instantly. There have been no specific moments when there was something huge and Odin was there to aide me. I think he wants me to do it on my own and he'll keep a protective watch over me. And as much as that may annoy me, I think it's for the best. Being dependent and constantly asking for help would defeat the purpose of growing.

A time when this deity has refused to help.

Like I mentioned above, it seems often that I don't get much 'help'. I don't think I am nor do I want to be one of those people who say/think 'If it didn't happen, then (insert deity here) didn't mean for it to be.'  Looking back on some of the things I've asked for help on, they were all pretty damn petty. The only one that may not have been was asking for some help on a job interview. That didn't pan out but looking at my current situation I think working with a certain person will probably train me to be a bit more calm and keep my emotions in check when it comes to annoying people. That and trying to bribe a deity isn't the best idea in the world.  I got some bad habits that I'm breaking in that regard, don't judge me.

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