Saturday, February 16, 2013

Did it again....30 Days of Devotion: 11& 12

I hope this isn't a habit but I do know my work schedule next week is a little hectic. :I  On with the show, yes?

Day 11-  Festivals, days, and times sacred to this deity.

Well, I do know that Wednesday was Wodansday, which made said day Odin's. He's not the only one with a specific day of the week but since I'm discussing him, I'll just stick with that. I'm not sure if anything special was done on this day in honor of Odin but I suppose in this day and age one could present offerings to him.

The only other thing I can think of in terms of days, festivals and what not is the Wild Hunt during Yule. Kids would leave their boots by the hearth filled with hay and sugar for Sleipnir and, in return, Odin would leave little gifts. Over time and with the changing of influencing religion, Odin morphed into our modern day Santa Clause and Sleipnir become a multitude of reindeer.

Day 12- Places associated with the deity and their worship

This one......this one seems hard to answer. All my searches uncover nothing on the idea of specific places for Odin.  There are places with his name in the name but other than that there is no 'holy site' that I can dig up.  I suppose one could argue that Odin's place is the battlefield, and I could argue that it could be in places of learning as well.  In my opinion Odin's places are where ever you feel him most.  He seems more like a wanderer these days and with many of the old Norse settlements gone and being discovered he needs a new place.  Until something is brought to my attention to better answer this question, this is it.

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